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Specialty Dishes

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Feeling a little ADVENTUROUS? Or do you CRAVE more traditional Lao and Thai dishes? No matter what you're feeling, the Specialty Dishes section will leave you SATISFIED.

Crab Thai Fried  Rice |14.95
Jasmine rice wok-fried with eggs, onions, tomato and carrots in garlic soy sauce, topped with fresh crabmeat.
Thai Curry noodle soup​ | 13.95
     Shrimp-calamari 15.95 | Seafood 17.95
Choice of meat simmered in chef's special curry sauce mixed w/ green beans, carrots, bamboo, bell pepper, onions & zucchini, poured over bean sprouts & rice noodles topped with green onions, cilantro and fried garlic.

Crispy Thai Basil  Prawns | 15.95 
Lightly battered prawns wok-fried w/green beans, carrots, bell peppers, onions and basil in chili garlic sauce, topped w/crispy basil.

Thai Pad Woonseen| 11.95 
Choice of meat wok-fried with egg, carrots, cabbage, onions, bell pepper and bean sprouts in garlic soy sauce. 
Gaeng Ma-Muang (Mango Curry) | 13.95
      Shrimp-calamari 15.95 | Seafood 17.95

Choice of meat or vegetables simmered in red curry, fresh mango, bell pepper, carrots, broccoli and Thai basil.

Thai BBQ Pork | 13.95
Thai marinated pork loin grilled then cut in strips served over bed of lettuce and Chef's special sauce.

Param Rong Song | 12.95
Choice of meat or tofu wok fried in garlic soy sauce over a bed of steamed vegetables, topped w/homemade peanut sauce.

Prik-Khing Tilapia | 15.95
Lightly battered tilapia strips wok fried w/carrots, bell peppers and green bean in sweet and spicy ginger curry paste.

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